Fast & Furious 7 DVD/Blu-ray release date

Fast & Furious 7 DVD release date: Dominic, Brian and rest of the crew are back in United States where they always wanted to be and trying to live their life far away from any trouble. Whereas on the other side Ian Shaw, brother of Owen Shaw seeks revenge from them for the death of his brother. But when the crew came to know about the death of Han, they once again sets out to find the man who killed Han before he finds them.

Release date in theaters: April 3, 2015
DVD/Blu-ray release date: July-August, 2015

Director: James Wan
Writer(s): Chris Morgan

Vin Diesel
Paul Walker
Dwayne Johnson

Get Hard DVD/Blu-ray release date | Release Date USA

Get Hard DVD release date
Get Hard DVD release date: James King is a rich businessman who is wrongfully convicted for fraud and bound for a maximum security prison San Quentin. In his final 30 days of freedom, James hires a tough guy who washes his cars to prepare him for his time in jail.

Release date in theaters: March 27, 2015
DVD/Blu-ray release date: May-June, 2015

Director(s): Etan Cohen.
Writer(s): Jay Martel and Ian Roberts.


Will Ferrell
Kevin Hart
Alison Brie

Insurgent DVD/Blu-ray release date

Insurgent DVD release date
Insurgent DVD release date: Insurgent is going to be the second movie of the Divergent trilogy starring Shailene Woodley as Beatrice Prior who does not fit in any of the factions and leaders of the world see her and her kind as a danger to their world. Beatrice will continue his race against time in the search for the allies continuing her fight against the leaders of the factions who want to eliminate all the divergents.

Release date in theaters: March 20, 2015
DVD/Blu-ray release date: May-June, 2015

Director(s): Robert Schwentke
Writer(s): Brian Duffield and Akiva Goldsman.


Shailene Woodley
Theo James
Jai Courtney

Scouts vs. Zombies DVD release date

Scouts Vs. Zombies DVD release date
Scouts Vs. Zombies DVD release date: Three scouts who are enjoying camping outside the town discovers the true meaning of friendship when their town is attacked by zombies and they try to save it.

Starring: Tye Sheridan , Logan Miller, and Joey Morgan.
Director(s): Christopher B. Landon.
Writer(s): Emi Mochizuki, Carrie Evans and Lona Williams.

Scouts vs. Zombies release date in theaters: March 13, 2015
DVD release date: June-July, 2015

Genre(s): comedy, horror.

In the Heart of the Sea DVD/Blu-ray release date

In the Heart of the Sea DVDDVD release date of the movie In the Heart of the Sea starring Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker and Cillian Murphy, directed by Ron Howard. Movie features the story of the sinking of the ship Essex in 1820 which was struck by a large whale stranding its crew in the sea for 90 days.

Little Boy DVD/Blu-ray release date

Little Boy DVDLittle Boy is a war drama movie starring Ted Levine, David Henrie and Kevin James, directed by Alejandro Monteverde. Movie features the story of a boy named Pepper Flynt who is trying to end the WWII so that he can bring back his father home.

Release date: February 27, 2015
DVD/Blu-ray release date : May-June, 2015

Distributor(s): Open Road Films
Genre(s): War, drama.
Cinematography: Andrew Cadelago.

Little Boy DVD is expected to release in May-June, 2015.

Focus DVD release date | Will Smith

Focus DVD
DVD release date of movie Focus starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Rodrigo Santoro, directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Movie stars Will Smith as Nick Spurgeon, a con-artist who takes a young woman under his wing to train her but soon find himself romantically involved with her. Things get complicated and turns into lying and cheating with each-other.

Release date: February 27, 2015
Estimated DVD release date: May-June, 2015

Distributor(s): Warner Bros.
Genre(s): Comedy
Writer(s): Glenn Ficarra and John Requa
Cinematography: Xavier PĂ©rez Grobet.